Love and Rubbish

In a garbage dump outside Moscow, the young and homeless cling to hope in the face of a bleak existence

Hanna Polak

8 minutes

Love and Rubbish

  • An estimated five million people are homeless in Russia, one million of them children. Delving into a brutal world of cold, hunger and poverty, this poignant film takes an unflinching look at a group of youngsters living in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Moscow. Remarkably, despite the massive hardships they face, the children speak about life and love with a candor that is clear-eyed about their misfortune, but hopeful for their futures. With so little to sustain them, they hold fast to their dreams, imagining a life beyond the dismal confines of the wasteland where they live.


  • Director Biography:

    Hanna Polak has directed, produced, and shot several films that have won international awards. Her short documentary The Children of Leningradsky received an Oscar® nomination, an IDA award and two Emmy nominations. Railway Station Ballad, which she produced, won her the Best Producer Award at the Krakow Film; the FIPA d’or and Prix du Jury des Jeunes Europeens at FIPA in Biarritz, France; and Best of Show and the Audience Award in the Norwegian Documentary Film Festival in Volda. In 2006, Polak’s photography work won her third prize in the UNICEF International Photography Competition: Photo of the Year.

  • Director: Hanna Polak
  • Producer: Jan Rofekamp, Hanna Polak, Anne Dillon, Eva Laxa
  • Writer: Hanna Polak, Anne Dillon
  • Editor: Andrzej Juraszczyk
  • Cinematographer: Hanna Polak, Mariusz Margas
  • Original Music: Tony Clarke
  • Executive Producer: Don Edkins

  • Running Time: 8 minutes
  • Language: Russian

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  • James

    A well made piece of both haunting beauty and stomach wrenching sorrow that wounds the soul. The pride and shame of being human in the 21st century.

  • Manoj Juyal

    A very moving film about how millions of people around the world are still struggling for basic amenities while we crib about not having enough.

  • Monica Allen

    A beautiful movie about people dreaming of a better, sweeter life and feeding on those dreams amid the difficulty of their home in a Russian dump.

  • John

    Never again will i moan about my lot. I have a roof over my head, heating, food etc etc.
    These people have nothing but their dreams
    and determination.
    ‘Dare to dream’ wonderful.