Nature by Numbers

The elegance of mathematics meets the breathtaking complexity of the natural world

Cristóbal Vila

4 minutes

Nature by Numbers

  • When the Spanish filmmaker and graphic designer Cristóbal Vila looks at nature, he sees numbers, and the remarkable elegance of mathematics. The theorems and geometric equations that explain natural phenomena – such as the shape of an insect’s eye, or the structure of a seashell – come to life in this short documentary, and simultaneously bring beauty to mathematics and logic to nature. Uniting music and animation with mathematics, Nature by Numbers is a sensory science film, an immersion in the world of the minute and microscopic, and an exciting introduction to some of the great geometric and scientific concepts.

  • Director Biography:

    Cristóbal Vila graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi at the University of Barcelona in Spain in 1990, specialising in graphic and industrial design. Since then, he has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director at several graphic design studios and advertising agencies, both in Barcelona and Saragossa. He now has his own studio, Etérea, where he primarily focuses on work as a 3D illustrator and animator.

  • Director: Cristóbal Vila
  • Original Music: Wim Mertens

  • Running Time: 4 minutes
  • Website:

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  • Kiran S. M.

    The video is stunning. It shows how the seemingly dry idea of numbers and mathematics can be the basis for a lot of beauty in nature.


    Foarte intresantă și reușită abordare a Sirului lui Fibonacci ,pe care un ochi atent îl descoperă în natură. Cristobal Vila -designer graphic și industrial a prezentat în acest film , în mod superb implicarea matematicii în natută. Frumos !!!

  • Vic O’Callaghan

    Simply numbingly stunning.

  • Kaushik

    (This moved me enough in appreciation to compose the following short verse about it!)

    Fibonacci, Voronoi — spiral, dual.
    Mellow yet sublime; finesse with panache.
    Artful, tasteful; inspiring, moving!

  • andrew D

    So familiar. So beautiful. So useful. My architectural designs are all based on these proportions. Apart from that, what a nice little film. I like dragonflies too.

  • Sachin

    What a Beautiful depiction…….its a very well made animation… One should also read a book by Gyorgy Doczi – The Power of Limits- He has studied similar patterns in ancient art, human & animal body, architecture. His book also depicts this all beautifully in different geometry & images

  • Ben

    A smoothly produced meander through the comforting geometry of Fibonacci. And?

  • Susie

    Wish these culminated with real shells, flowers and dragon flies..the true miracles rather than computer generated imitations.

  • paul

    it was the Fibonacci sequence that opened my love for mathematics. i now try my best to share that with my students in a public high school. beautifully done.

  • flin1

    Beautiful. Tack.