Deus Ex Machina

To the craftsman, a motorcycle that reveals its inner workings has its own kind of beauty

Seth Brown

15 minutes

Deus Ex Machina

  • What would a motorcycle look like if you didn’t cover up its insides with bright sheets of plastic? Beautiful, says this craftsman, who is building a bike that proudly displays every tube, wire and bolt. Like the bookshelf of a scholar, the tools of his shop record the ebb and flow of his passions over the years. This film explores the intimate relationship between a man and his machines.

  • Director Biography:

    Seth’s story telling and directing style has been strongly influenced by his childhood spent in a very small town. Drawn to the intimate relationships individuals have with one another and their passions, he uses film as a tool for exploring the existence people carve out for themselves in culturally distinct places. His ideas focus on the nuts and bolts that make people tick; the drive behind actions, motivations, and desires.

    Seth developed his career through trends in integrated digital marketing and distribution. Seeking to innovate on methods of brand storytelling, he focuses on projects that bridge the gap of digital and physical. He currently splits his time between brand work and myriad personal projects dedicated to strengthening community mindset and existence.

  • Director: Seth Brown
  • Producer: Seth Brown
  • Editor: Seth Brown
  • Cinematographer: Seth Brown, John Sidik
  • Original Music: Textile Audio and Flightless Buttress

  • Running Time: 15 minutes

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  • Michael batchelor

    Wonderful short. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with their hands and mind will appreciate the passion of taking something and rebuilding it. There’s such a sweet feeling of accomplishment. I especially love the fact that theres an apocalyptic feeling to the bike. It makes it personal. great stuff !!!

  • Chris Waymire

    I love the philosophy he has even more than the bike. Don’t try and hide the beauty within even if it is a bit messy.

  • mike williams

    loved the bike, the music, the video………had time to reflect in the karma……metal beats the hell out of plastic…when the glue runs out………we’ll just go back to rivets

  • Gordon Chambers

    I really enjoyed the film, this describes exactly how I feel when I’m in my workshop. Learning the mechanics of motorcycles gives myself great enjoyment.

  • James Atherton

    This is the video counterpart of Matthew Crawford’s “The Case for Working with your Hands, or why office work is bad for us and fixing things feels good” (2011) (“Shop Class as Soulcraft”, in the USA, 2009). Marvellous!

  • Temple Rodent


    Bad music editing though. Slapping a single track to run over and under everything is always a bad idea. A few cuts would be nice. Let us hear what the man says and give us some highs and lows, some silences.

  • Hooliganyouth

    Dear Mr. Brown,

    I’m not sure how you did it but you managed to capture moments where it’s not art or craft, it’s kind of creative mayhem and the beauty
    of, “This might not work.” and then that, “Holy fuck, it works.”

    I might not be a motorcyclist(er)(thusiast) but this is how I cook and fuck yes, it is the pride of building something. And “endless, endless things I have to fix.” Well…

    Thank you.

  • Leo the Lion

    Great video. Awful music. I’m going to have nightmares of that opera singer singing the same damn thing.

  • Leo

    I loved this short film so much. This film describes just how much we as a young society have closed off our creativity in terms of building things with our hands. I admire this gentleman because hes exactly what our future needs. This is the kind of guy I would like to become and hope that our future learns from one another and not let the art of something as simple as building a motorcycle can be so inspiring. Thank you for making this film, I really really enjoyed it.