The Bubbleologist

Can bubbles unlock the secrets of life? Samsam Bubbleman thinks they can

Jan Bednarz

6 minutes

The Bubbleologist

  • Samsam Bubbleman needs only two ingredients – soap and water – to make something magical. For more than a decade, Samsam has dedicated his life to creating dazzling, kaleidoscopic bubble art. He’s a professional, with multiple Guinness World Records, and a company that produces a wide range of bubble toys. But bubbles are much more than a job for Samsam: he knows his soapy, colour-drenched creations can lift spirits, unlock life’s secrets, and reverse time, turning grown-ups back into children. This lighthearted film explores the science and philosophy of bubble-making, through the eyes of a man who has harnessed their magic, and can make them come – spectacularly, colourfully – alive.

  • Director Biography:

    After  studying animation and media, Jan Bednarz developed a passion for documentary filmmaking, and worked as a producer and director for UK TV companies such as Brook Lapping, Media Trust and Fulcrum, creating content for C4 and FIVE in the UK, NHK in Japan, and VBS and Current in the US, among others. As a producer/director, he has made two different series for the C4 3 Minute Wonder strand (Art Savant and 3 Minutes to Save the World), series-directed The Gumball Rally, and self-shot and edited a number of international documentaries for cable, including the award-winning The Burj Birdmen for Current TV.

  • Director: Jan Bednarz
  • Producer: Sylvia Wroblewska
  • Cinematographer: Jan Bednarz

  • Running Time: 6 minutes
  • Language: English

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  • Donna

    I was smiling with all the people in the film as the bubbles cascaded all around them. And what a delightful way to remember your father! I am so happy for you that you found your path and that you bring joy to so many.

  • Mick Rogers

    Awesome and all with soap suds

  • Marion

    I’ve known the magic of bubbles and the healing joyfulness they bring for more than a century now. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, imagine filling the world with the colorful effervescence you see in this film. Be of good cheer!