The Runners

When we rely on our legs to move us through the world, our minds can drift to the things that really matter

Matan Rochlitz, Ivo Gormley

12 minutes

The Runners

  • Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners is challenged with intimate questions. Before long, the runners drop their guards and confess to their deepest anxieties and greatest hopes. These candid confessions give the viewer a rare glimpse into the luminous lives that lie behind the street’s anonymous bustle.

  • Director Biography:

    Matan Rochlitz directs and shoots content for UK broadcasters, such as Al-Jazeera English. His last documentary film, Mozzarella Inc., won ‘Best Short’ at the Chicago Food Film Festival 2012.

    Ivo Gormley is founder of the social enterprise GoodGym and his director credits include the feature documentary Us Now, broadcast by Channel 4 in 2009.

  • Director: Matan Rochlitz, Ivo Gormley
  • Producer: Matan Rochlitz, Ivo Gormley
  • Editor: Matan Rochlitz
  • Cinematographer: Ivo Gormley, Matan Rochlitz
  • Original Music: Andrej Bako, Orlando Roberton
  • Supported by: London Legacy Development Corporation and Good Gym

  • Running Time: 12 minutes
  • Website:

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  • Erling Rognhaugen

    So yeah, I just watched you film about runners and i`m amazed on the results. It was so nice to see people open up and it seems to me that we all have to share more of our life to others, because many of us have the same problems.

    So congratz and good luck in the furture.

  • Ben

    Nicely done: great pace. The director’s message of Hope kicks in just as the lactic acid builds and he burns it down into the sugar the film needs to win the race. Well done.

  • Johnf501

    Some really quality content on this website , saved to fav. gfeddebkeked

  • Rénuka Reins

    Intense urban bittersweet film.
    Beautiful! Love the rhythm, accentuated as each pounding step reveals more grit, pain, hopes, sadness and heatbreak.

    Contrasting intense lives unknown to each other mirrored by weather, and nature vs city in such close proximity



  • Christopher Wyld

    Such a touching film, very moving at times. People running appear stripped down to their core: alone & vulnerable, but honest and resilient and strong. Perfect length too…

  • José Guimarães

    The sound of running steps on the tarmac, the breathing, both are the perfect rithm for the music… And the poetry of the “no’s” transformed into “yes’s”, the deepest feelings brought up to the most simpliest human beings, by themselves. Everyone of us runs for a reason, even if it is only for running! Thanks AEON Films :)

  • Rupert

    Amazing film, could not take my eyes of the screen. There is a certain carthesis about running but a dark side too … Being alone with your thoughts is sometimes not healthy and I think that sometimes the ability to be able to open up briefly whilst doing something so personal offers insights that you wouldn’t normally achieve in other situations. A very inspiring and emotional film … We’ll done!

  • Alec

    Absolutely amazing.

  • Hangdog

    Simple but cheeky questions from the filmmaker prompt a bunch of runners in a park to open their hearts. A tough guy emotes about his sick dad, a woman insists that its important to make an effort with sex, a secondary school teacher rues her childlessness, and a senior complains that he gets slower every year. Jogging along with them is an uplifting, joyful workout.

  • will

    Well done. A beautifully realised concept that’s unbelievably compelling! The twelve minutes flew by.

  • Nicole M.

    A beautiful and accurate representation of a universal activity and an amazing community of people. Being a runner myself, I identify with this film completely…it gave me goosebumps at the end!

  • Audrey M Reed

    Everyone has their own reasons for running. Usually we are alone with our thoughts,
    to have someone asking questions allows a person to share their private moments with someone, we run to get away from it all.
    Very interesting to capture their intimate thoughts.
    I wonder what I would have shared with you?

  • Alex

    Makes me want to run! Beautiful film.

  • Elizabeth

    ‘Don’t try to stop yourself from feeling bad, just accept that you and go talk to someone about it’
    beautiful. perfect. profound. enough.
    Thank you

  • Michael Mann

    Beautiful. Compelling. Life affirming. Great work guys. I want to get my running shoes on this minute.

  • Bruce

    WOW! What a great film! It was just so touching on so many levels. This is one that deserves a sequel.

  • Deyna

    raise my bar each time I run, both physically and mentally

  • Caroline Gayton

    Very touching and beautiful. Running is a time to reflect, it’s pure therapy.



  • Katy

    A beautiful, inspiring and moving film.

  • Nick

    The connection between a persons vulnerability and the stimulation of the brain from exercise is fascinating – and rendered in a staggeringly beautiful fashion in this video. Well done.

  • Sam

    Loved the candour. Captivating .Could have watched this for hours. Excellent work my friends. Keep it up. Keep running.

  • Dan

    It’s incredible to realize how much every runner, regardless of age or ability, has in common and how our experiences are shared.

  • Ben P

    Running is a form of meditation. Great video capturing the thoughts and feelings stirred whilst on the move.

  • Andrea

    Fantastic! Really beautiful and poignant. There’s something very special about walking and running for allowing people to meditate on their lives. You’ve captured it wonderfully.

  • Tony

    Truly beautiful!

  • Kristen

    It was touching (and I’m not sure why). Beautifully done.

  • Christine


  • Fabrizio Rinaldi

    Wonderful, simple, deep, natural, this short is exactly like running itself. I loved the girl saying “You’re not supposed to look for signs, you’re just supposed to let life happen.” Thanks for sharing this.

  • John

    Excellent. Uplifting and in a strange way inspiring. Very well done.

  • Jeff

    Just when you think Aeon Films can’t get any better, it does. These films are filled with such great emotion (and beautifully directed/produced) about every day people it’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming to watch. I’m hooked and always will be… Keep them coming…