Return of the Sun

Experience winter’s end and spring’s dawn in one of the world's most sublime landscapes

Glen Milner, Ben Hilton

4 minutes

Return of the Sun

  • The exquisitely beautiful landscape of northern Greenland comes back to life in the first days of sunlight after weeks of winter darkness. Following an Inuit ice fisherman and his son through their daily lives with their dogs, boat and gun, this film explores the effects of climate change on these Arctic communities.

  • Director Biography:

    Glen Milner is a documentary and commercial filmmaker based in London. He has shot and directed films covering a wide range of global topics for broadcasters such as Channel 4, BSKYB, The Guardian, The Telegraph, UNICEF  & others. Ben Hilton is a film editor and director, also based in London. He has edited films for clients including Channel 4, the BBC and The Telegraph, including a tribute to Richard Attenborough.

  • Director: Glen Milner, Ben Hilton
  • Producer: Glen Milner, Ben Hilton

  • Running Time: 4 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Website:

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  • Antonio Reyes

    In barely 4 minutes manages to accomplish so much: presents real people (some of whom I’d like to know more about), illustrates the unthinkable future we’re creating for all of humanity, and confronts us with at least three worlds – Greenland’s past, Greenland’s Present and the uncertain future they face as an illustration of our own. In 4 beautiful and tender minutes.

  • Joseph O'Neill III

    This is some amazing work. One of the highest quality sites on the internet, Aeon is. The articles are usually great, and now we have Film too? Woop, woop!

  • Swamy G

    Beautiful. I would really like to visit Greenland. The landscape is so out of the ordinary. It is surreal. However, I’m not sure how the intense cold will affect me mentally.

  • Victoria

    A very thoughtful film. The man’s voice was so enchanting. I love how it ended with a sort of continuous feeling, it made me think.

  • Tom

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. Definitely a promising kickoff to the Aeon film channel.

  • John Jacob Lyons

    Beautiful and thoughtful film. On climate change, I value the view from experience of one Greenlander over that of a clutch of scientists.

  • Melanie McGrath

    I loved this. The quiet authority of the landscape and of a single voice. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Travis Hersh

    This film held me from the very first shot. It’s not often that you get such a vivid look at somewhere so remote, and so starkly beautiful. More like this, please!