Wright’s Law

A physics teacher so extraordinary he can explain combustion and love

Zack Conkle

12 minutes

Wright’s Law

  • The physics teacher Jeffrey Wright has long been a favourite of students at Louisville Male High School. Several of them say he is the best teacher they have ever had. One says he is ‘the epitome of what a teacher should be’. Wright uses goofy behaviour and eye-catching experiments to grab his pupils’ attention, and he keeps them engaged by investing in them as individuals. When asked why, he says that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work with education. Wright learned this last lesson after his son Adam was born with Joubert syndrome, a rare disorder that limits its victims’ control of their bodies. At first, Wright was furious, thinking his son would live a life of pure agony. But slowly, and with much trial and error, he is able to build a loving world for the boy, until one day he finds him signing ‘Daddy, I love you.’

  • Director Biography:

    Zack Conkle is a graduate of Western Kentucky University’s photojournalism programme. His love of telling quirky, touching stories has led his work to be featured by the Katie Couric show, SXSW, The New York Times, AARP, College Photographer of the Year, and the Hearst Journalism Foundation.

  • Director: Zack Conkle
  • Producer: Zack Conkle
  • Cinematographer: Zack Conkle

  • Running Time: 12 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Website: www.zackconkle.com

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  • Taz Castellano

    The parallel of teaching and learning examines his compassion and desire to show students the love of knowledge just as he learned from his child’s journey and how it taught him the valuable lesson of Love.

  • Javi

    What a lesson for these kids and what and inspiration this man is. A gift. Great work!

  • Paul Perala

    I’m 80 this year …. I’m amazed. Thank God for working through this man.

  • Sebastian Salinas (Chile)

    Los sentimientos deben ser alumbrados por la inteligencia para convertirse en verdadero amor y la inteligencia debe ser alumbrada por los sentimientos para convertirse en sabiduría.

  • Furkan

    I would like to say thanks to all the tecrheas and staff members for doing such a wonderful job! My daughter is learning so much so quick and I’m so happy I did my research and found the best PRE-SCHOOL for my daughter! And I will Strongly Recommend Kinder Cottage Preschool/Daycare to all Parents that want their children in a safe & very clean environment!!!!

  • mokshasha

    if only… if only more teachers were like this man, i would not be homeschooling my child—

  • Ben Wright

    A lesson in love: what an astonishingly inspiring man. Great film.

  • Carol

    I am a 75 and just retired from working in schools in Indiana and California. What a lucky group of kids who will experience this teacher and more importantly this human being. He will inspire young people to reach for their hearts instead of drugs, sex, alcohol or crime, to help them find their way in life. I love him and all he stands for as a teacher of children of all ages.

  • Billy Ethridge

    Priorities can be intellectual, but the most valuable are spiritual, and this brief film lovingly demonstrates that truth.