Aeon is an online magazine of ideas and culture. We publish original essays and carefully selected documentary films, free to all.

You can see a selection of Aeon Magazine's most popular essays, going back to the magazine’s launch in September 2012, here.

Aeon Film, which launched in November 2013, screens contemporary and classic short documentaries.

Our content is organised around five themes:

World Views takes on contemporary culture clashes, ancient philosophical conundrums and the many ways in which our beliefs shape experience.

Nature & Cosmos looks through the eyes of cutting-edge scientists, explorers and other attentive observers to bring the universe’s myriad patterns into focus.

Being Human puts our own nature under the microscope, comparing insights from psychology, anatomy, evolutionary theory and simple introspection.

Living Together searches for fresh lessons and hopeful developments in the greatest and most complicated of human projects, co-existence.

Altered States explores ritual, play, recreation and imagination: whatever it takes to get beyond the everyday world.


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The Team

Paul Hains
Managing Director and Co-founder

Paul has a background in finance and graduate qualifications in psychology and comparative religion. He has a particular interest in applying philosophy to everyday life. With the Aeon team he is developing several new projects including an on-line community for ideas.

Brigid Hains
Editorial Director and Co-founder

Brigid has a PhD in history and has taught environmental history, history of science and world history at various universities. She also has a graduate degree in anthropology and development studies from University College London. She can be found on twitter @brigidhains.

Ed Lake
Deputy Editor

Ed spent five years at The Daily Telegraph before moving to the Middle East to work on The National, where he was deputy editor on the Review section. He is interested in the philosophy of science, the history of political thought, and novels in which a dreamer wakes into a world transformed. He can be found on Twitter @ejklake.

Ross Andersen
Deputy Editor

Ross is the former Science Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books. He has written extensively about science and philosophy for several magazine publications, including The Atlantic, The Economist and Scientific American. His main interests are deep time, space science, and the phenomenology of nature. He lives in Berkeley and can be found on Twitter @andersen.

Thomas Marrows
Digital and Product Development Director

Thomas has passionate interests in creativity, commerce and technology. Happiest when making – whether digitally or with physical materials. Always aiming for simplicity; sometimes achieving it. He trained in product design at Glasgow School of Art and has a decade of experience leading design and development teams producing digital tools and advertising for global brands.

Marina Benjamin
Senior Editor

Marina is a former arts editor of the New Statesman magazine and deputy arts editor of the Evening Standard newspaper in London. Among her books, Living at the End of the World (1998) looked at modern end-time cults, Rocket Dreams (2003) offered an off-beat elegy to the Space Age, and Last Days in Babylon (2007) told the story of the Jews of Iraq. Marina has an ongoing interest in the culture of science and in multi-faith dialogue. She can be found on Twitter @marinab52.

Pam Weintraub
Senior Editor

Pam is an editor and writer specialising in psychology and neuroscience. She has previously worked as executive and features editor at Discover, where her acquisitions were widely anthologised and the recipient of numerous national awards; consulting editor at Psychology Today; and in a range of roles at OMNI, from senior editor to editor at large to founding editor of OMNI internet. She is author of 16 books on medicine, psychology and lifestyle, including Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, which won the American Medical Writers Association book award in 2009.

Kellen Quinn
Film Programmer

Kellen studied Film and Russian & East European studies at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. He has worked at the Tribeca Film Festival as assistant to the artistic director and as an associate programmer. More recently, he spent three years as the deputy director of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. He is now based in Brooklyn where he is producing several feature-length narratives and documentaries.

Andy Sansom
Photography and Film Editor

Andy studied philosophy at the University of Ulster. Prior to working at Aeon he has worked for The Times, the BBC and various other national media in the UK. He is interested in documentary photography, Kierkegaard and Peanuts.

Sam Dresser
Associate Editor

Sam Dresser studied philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in political philosophy and the history of atheism, and likes to take long walks to places he doesn’t particularly want to be. He can be found on Twitter @SmDrssr.

Nabeelah Jaffer
Associate Editor

Nabeelah studied History at Oxford and trained as a journalist at City University, London. She was a Bartley Fellow at The Wall Street Journal and her work has been published in the New Statesman, The Guardian, FT Weekend and The Times Literary Supplement. She is interested in gender, the history of religions and classic children’s fiction.

Elena Seymenliyska

Elena studied English at Sofia University in Bulgaria and graduated in English from Queen’s University, Belfast. She worked as an academic book publisher at Hodder Headline before training as a journalist at City University, London. Since then she has worked for national newspapers in the UK including The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. She reviews fiction, laughs at puns and likes short sentences.

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