When the song dies

When songs are lost, so too are memories. This film finds Scottish folklore on the brink of being forgotten





In Scotland, folk songs serve as memories, of places and the dead who once inhabited them. Exploring the theme of change, When the Song Dies seeks to bring the audience under the captive spell of the old ways. Featuring a range of contributors, the film is a poignant reminder that the dead linger on, all around us, in the houses and landscapes we live in, and in the language and music of our culture.

Whilst Scottishness is at the heart of the film, this story is as universal as it is specific. It is the story of a culture that is, like so many, in danger of fading from human memory.

Language: English, Scots Gaelic

Director: Jamie Chambers

Producer: James Barrett

Editor: Martin McEwan

  • postylem

    beautiful. I love the still scenes. so well composed and appropriate.

  • Susan Haseltine

    Some of my ancestors were Scot, this makes them more real to me. Thank you.

  • Sam Dresser

    Have you tried watching the film on a different browser? That might help.

  • Adam James

    What a wonderfully evocative film...

  • moon_gazer

    Gorgeous little documentary. I do have to agree with the subtitles request, though. Also for those who may be hearing impaired.

  • Charlie McHenry

    The producer & editor of this film are invited to visit Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island, where the street signs are in English & Gaelic; and the old Scottish spirit, music and superstitions live on. Wonderful film. Much appreciated.

  • @~


  • vida

    where in Scotland was this filmed ??

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