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Grandpa and me and a helicopter to heaven

A grandfather bequeaths a profound secret to his grandson





The relationship between a remarkably perceptive young boy and his wise, bedridden grandfather overflows with humour, warmth and love. They share jokes, talk love, sex and politics, and enjoy each other’s company as only best friends can. As the old man senses that he has reached the end of his days, he takes his grandson into the forest in search of chanterelles, an expedition that offers the boy more than he realizes at first as he learns the secrets to finding and cooking the delicate mushrooms. With a light touch and an extraordinary sense for the fleeting moments in life, the film offers a moving reflection on being young and being old, and living and dying.

Language: Swedish with English subtitles

Director: Åsa Blanck, Johan Palmgren

Producer: Åsa Blanck

Editor: Petter Brundell

Original music: David Ricci

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