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Devil in the room

Enter a world between dream and reality, and learn about the science – and horror – of sleep paralysis





Have you ever woken from a deep sleep, totally lucid but unable to move? Devil in the Room explores this space between dream and reality, explaining the science and history behind sleep paralysis, a mystifying and often terrifying phenomenon in which dreams intrude upon waking life. Through evocative stop-motion animation and puppets, the film recreates these waking dreams, bringing vividly to life spiders that seem to crawl out from under the bed, and the feeling of a monstrous presence lurking just out of sight. Weaving together such personal experiences of sleep paralysis with scientific analysis of the phenomenon, this fantastical and probing documentary demolishes the boundaries between imagination and science, between dream and reality.

Language: English

Director: Carla MacKinnon

Producer: James Mullighan

Editor: Dominc De Grande

Original music: Dominc De Grande

  • Terry Totch

    OK this will take a bit ,,but years ago I am thinking 83 maybe 84 we had a new trailer out in the country, and our bed faced the doorway and just outside the bedroom door was the hall way and the back door ,, so while laying in bed and if the bedroom door was open I could see the back door ,,well one night thinking I was awake the back door opened real slow and I was trying to alert my wife that someone was coming in but I could not move but I could see everything I tried to yell out but I was only softly mumbling ,, the next thing I knew there was an old wrinkled nasty old woman right up in my face ,I was squirming and trying to move and get away ,then I tried to shake my wifes arm but could not control my movement ,it was like I was being forced to watch everything that was going on,, I then woke up and it was morning and I actually yelled at my wife to wake me up if she ever felt me squirming around like that , I was truly frightened and have always felt it was an alien visit ,, it has happened other times but not that extreme,, its shadow figures setting in my room I sometimes can even see the glow from what looks like cigarettes, and I can hear them talking with each other but never can understand what they are saying ,,two times now it's like my whole room has turned up side down and I can feel the gravity pulling at me and it seems like something is holding me in place if not I would fall to the floor and again I cannot move no mater what I do.

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