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Wright's law

A physics teacher so extraordinary he can explain combustion and love





The physics teacher Jeffrey Wright has long been a favourite of students at Louisville Male High School. Several of them say he is the best teacher they have ever had. One says he is ‘the epitome of what a teacher should be’. Wright uses goofy behaviour and eye-catching experiments to grab his pupils’ attention, and he keeps them engaged by investing in them as individuals. When asked why, he says that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work with education. Wright learned this last lesson after his son Adam was born with Joubert syndrome, a rare disorder that limits its victims’ control of their bodies. At first, Wright was furious, thinking his son would live a life of pure agony. But slowly, and with much trial and error, he is able to build a loving world for the boy, until one day he finds him signing ‘Daddy, I love you.’

Language: English

Director: Zack Conkle

Producer: Zack Conkle

  • Merritt

    Such a giving heart. I'm sure his students will remember him forever. It only takes one person to connect.

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