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Into the middle of nowhere

Children at play in a woodland nursery provide a rare glimpse into the imagination, ours and theirs





A lovely exploration of human nature and society, this film takes us into an unusual outdoor nursery. With the woods as their classroom and playground, a group of small children explore their surroundings and their relationships with each other in a remarkably free and unfettered environment. Through the children’s imaginative activities and games we can see flashes of their personal and collective development, a striking example of playing as learning. With a subtle observational approach, Into the Middle of Nowhere quietly unfolds into a celebration of childhood and a reminder of the preciousness of the imagination.

Director: Anna Frances Ewert

  • Johnny B

    I hope that young chap becomes a pilot or an aerospace engineer and knows that he has a clear inclination in that direction. His life will be much easier than it normally is for those who have no idea what they want to do/be. I wish I had had a woodland classroom.

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