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Love and rubbish

In a garbage dump outside Moscow, the young and homeless cling to hope in the face of a bleak existence





An estimated five million people are homeless in Russia, one million of them children. Delving into a brutal world of cold, hunger and poverty, this poignant film takes an unflinching look at a group of youngsters living in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Moscow. Remarkably, despite the massive hardships they face, the children speak about life and love with a candor that is clear-eyed about their misfortune, but hopeful for their futures. With so little to sustain them, they hold fast to their dreams, imagining a life beyond the dismal confines of the wasteland where they live.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Director: Hanna Polak

Producer: Jan Rofekamp, Hanna Polak, Anne Dillon, Eva Laxa

Editor: Andrzej Juraszczyk

Original music: Tony Clarke

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