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Should a rapist get Viagra or a robber get a cataracts op?

Tom Douglas

Idea/Medical Ethics

White coats and mild manners: how to style a good doctor

Jessica Baron


Which lives matter most?

Thinking about children who are not yet born confronts us with the question of our ethical obligations to future people

Dominic Wilkinson & Keyur Doolabh

Essay/Medical Ethics

Intersex rights

Children born with in-between sex development are subject to surgeries that many believe violate their human rights

Alice Dreger

Idea/Medical Ethics

You might be in a medical experiment and not even know it

Alice Dreger

Idea/Health Policy & Economics

Empathy is an overrated skill when dispensing medical care

Karin Jongsma & Verena Klar


Visiting your leg

From morbid anatomy museums to modern consent forms, medicine wants ever more control over your body – and its parts

Alice Dreger


The be all and end all

Being with someone in death entails more than just physical wellbeing. Can end-of-life care make space for spirituality?

Christopher Harding


Remote control of the brain is coming: how will we use it?

Catriona Houston

Idea/Social Psychology

How statistics are twisted to obscure public understanding

Jonathan R Goodman


Doctors have become less empathetic, but is it their fault?

David Scales

Idea/Old Age & Death

How ‘Dr Death’ single-handedly fought for the right to die

Michael DeCesare

Video/Medical Ethics

What it’s like to stand by your daughter in her choice to die

18 minutes


How DIY medical testing could save your life

Lori Miller Kase


What should geneticists do when they find out family secrets?

Amulya Mandava & Joseph Millum

Essay/Medical Ethics

In praise of defiance

Labelling someone crazy and difficult is a way to resist justice and change – and psychiatrists are complicit

Carrie Arnold

Idea/Mind & Body

Bad thoughts can’t make you sick, that’s just magical thinking

Angela Kennedy


Juniper was born dangerously premature. What was it that made her keep going?

6 minutes

Video/Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Have mental health diagnoses lost sight of the human beings they seek to treat?

3 minutes


Dead enough

To honour donors, we should harvest organs that have the best chance of helping others – before, not after, death

Walter Glannon


Boys and girls alike

An un-consenting child, an unnecessary, invasive surgery: is there any moral difference between male and female circumcision?

Brian D Earp


Framed by forensics

Junky, out-of-date science fuels jury errors and tragic miscarriages of justice. How can we throw it out of court?

Douglas Starr

Essay/Health Policy & Economics

Risky medicine

Misunderstanding risk factors has led to massive overtreatment of diseases people don’t have and probably never will

Jeff Wheelwright

Essay/Medical Ethics

The psychology of torture

The Milgram experiments showed that anybody could be capable of torture when obeying an authority. Are they still valid?

Malcolm Harris


When cancer takes up residence in her body, Kim responds with creativity

3 minutes

Essay/Health Policy & Economics

Do some harm

Traditional Chinese medicine is an odd, dangerous mix of sense and nonsense. Can it survive in modern China?

James Palmer