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Video/Mind & Body

Odourless world: what smell means to those who don’t have it

9 minutes

Video/Mind & Body

On the run from the electromagnetic fields of everyday technology

14 minutes


What can Avicenna teach us about the mind-body problem?

Peter Adamson

Idea/Mind & Body

How people with sports addiction are like drug addicts

Karin Jongsma


Why exhaustion is not unique to our overstimulated age

Anna Katharina Schaffner

Essay/Mind & Body

When it’s good to be bad

The relentless pursuit of success is valorised in our culture, but taking the long way around is often the best

Cody Delistraty


The history of ugliness shows that there is no such thing

Gretchen E Henderson

Idea/Mind & Body

Unconscious ‘sleep-eating’ might be a hidden cause of obesity

Laurie Gwen Shapiro

Essay/Mind & Body

The hunger mood

Hunger isn’t in your stomach or your blood-sugar levels. It’s in your mind – and that’s where we need to shape up

Michael Graziano

Video/Illness & Disease

A fly fisherman glimpses his own death in the river that gives him solace

5 minutes

Video/Human Evolution

Why can’t blindfolded people walk in a straight line? It’s a scientific mystery

4 minutes

Idea/Mind & Body

Bad thoughts can’t make you sick, that’s just magical thinking

Angela Kennedy

Video/Meaning & the Good Life

How long does it take to recover from a tragedy?

3 minutes

Essay/Consciousness & Altered States

Into the deep

Just when you crave one more sensual hit, the void of the float tank stops time, strips ego and unleashes the mind

M M Owen


A moving argument for one woman’s right to choose when and how she dies

3 minutes



Bed bugs crawl under our covers, suck our blood and disappear, leaving us on a razor’s edge between reality and delusion

Brooke Borel

Video/Mood & Emotion

What does a classical musician do when she starts losing her hearing?

12 minutes

Video/Childhood & Adolescence

Two blind teens navigate life and love in the US Rust Belt

13 minutes


Pain, relief, pleasure, and despair: what do we convey with our breath?

3 minutes

Video/Consciousness & Altered States

A jazz-inflected, stylishly expressive take on the experience of blindness

8 minutes

Video/Consciousness & Altered States

Diving to 100 metres on a single breath takes more than strong lungs and limbs

8 minutes

Video/Mind & Body

Interactive biofeedback sensors may be the future of treating chronic pain

4 minutes

Video/Consciousness & Altered States

Michael, who uses a wheelchair on the ground, finds freedom in surfing

6 minutes


When cancer takes up residence in her body, Kim responds with creativity

3 minutes

Essay/Cultures & Languages

Our anaesthetic times

Nobody wants to go back in time, but did we lose our sense of sympathy when we lost the shared experience of pain?

Joanna Bourke


Animal magnetism

Humans are fascinated by our fellow animals – is that just an evolutionary hangover or something more profound?

David P Barash

Video/Consciousness & Altered States

For the star of the Bolshoi Ballet, there is no distinction between life and art

9 minutes

Video/Childhood & Adolescence

A boy with muscular dystrophy finds a friend to help him through adolescence

16 minutes

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

The camping cure

Living outside changes you. When environmental illness left me too sick to stay in my high-rise, I turned to nature to heal

Jill Neimark

Video/Mind & Body

Sage advice from Leisure World, California’s geriatric synchronised swimmers

10 minutes