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Solving the heroin overdose mystery: how small doses can kill

Shepard Siegel

Idea/History of Science

Science funding is a gamble so let’s give out money by lottery

Shahar Avin


How does LSD induce short-term psychosis but long-term optimism?

Rachel Jonas

Essay/Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Spiritual emergency

After decades of practising as a psychotherapist, I am convinced that our treatment of psychosis is thoroughly wrong-headed

James Carpenter

Idea/Sports & Games

The solution to doping is to extend the blame beyond athletes

Silvia Camporesi & James Knuckles

Essay/Health Policy & Economics

Values and vaccines

Parents who reject vaccination are making a rational choice – they prefer to put their children above the public good

Maggie Koerth-Baker

Idea/Illness & Disease

The image of the cancer experience needs a reality check

Darlena Cunha

Video/Illness & Disease

Antibiotics make our guts less diverse. That’s bad news for our long-term health

5 minutes

Essay/Sexual Health

The libido crash

Female sex drive has plummeted in our stressed-out world, but can we fix an epidemic of lost desire with drugs?

Katherine Rowland


What a rescue dog can do for PTSD sufferers that drugs and rehabilitation can’t

15 minutes

Video/Mind & Body

Interactive biofeedback sensors may be the future of treating chronic pain

4 minutes

Essay/Law & Justice

What were drugs?

The war on drugs was always a war against an idea. But ideas have a shelf-life, too, and this one has lost its potency

Mike Jay


Missing marijuana

When I stopped smoking weed, my appetite shrivelled and my head throbbed – but it was the dreams that really shook me

Malcolm Harris

Essay/Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth

Where’s the male Pill?

Many promising male contraceptives are in development, but none have come to market. What’s taking so long?

Jalees Rehman