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Why we can stop worrying and love the particle accelerator

Joel Frohlich


Conspicuous consumption is over. It’s all about intangibles now

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

What know-it-alls don’t know, or the illusion of competence

Kate Fehlhaber

Idea/Medical Research

Lifestyle changes, not a magic pill, can reverse Alzheimer’s

Clayton Dalton

Idea/Sports & Games

Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism

Kate Raworth

Idea/Love & Friendship

A temporary marriage makes more sense than marriage for life

Vicki Larson

Idea/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

Coding is not ‘fun’, it’s technically and ethically complex

Walter Vannini

Idea/Stories & Literature

Why our imagination for alien life is so impoverished

Philip Ball

Idea/Meaning & the Good Life

What the Aztecs can teach us about happiness and the good life

Sebastian Purcell

Idea/History of Ideas

Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone

Jennifer Stitt

Idea/History of Science

Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious

Christopher Graney

Idea/Stories & Literature

Why bullshit is no laughing matter

Gordon Pennycook

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

On shared false memories: what lies behind the Mandela effect

Caitlin Aamodt


What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists

Sabine Hossenfelder


How a mother’s voice shapes her baby’s developing brain

Kate Fehlhaber


Whatever you think, you don’t necessarily know your own mind

Keith Frankish

Idea/Philosophy of Mind

Panpsychism is crazy, but it’s also most probably true

Philip Goff

Idea/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

Now it’s time to prepare for the Machinocene

Huw Price


Why the most successful students have no passion for school

Jihyun Lee

Idea/Stories & Literature

Deep time’s uncanny future is full of ghostly human traces

David Farrier

Idea/History of Ideas

How Camus and Sartre split up over the question of how to be free

Sam Dresser

Idea/Family Life

Why mothers of tweens – not babies – are the most depressed

Lucia Ciciolla & Suniya Luthar


Why sexual desire is objectifying – and hence morally wrong

Raja Halwani


There’s no moral difference between a wall and a migrant visa

Hrishikesh Joshi


Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginative sci-fi

Michael Strauss

Idea/History of Ideas

Arabic translators did far more than just preserve Greek philosophy

Peter Adamson


Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration

James Q Whitman


It’s not that your teeth are too big: your jaw is too small

Peter Ungar


The history of ugliness shows that there is no such thing

Gretchen E Henderson

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

Overvaluing confidence, we’ve forgotten the power of humility

Jacob Burak