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Aeon is a registered charity committed to the spread of knowledge and a cosmopolitan worldview. Our mission is to create a sanctuary online for serious thinking.

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Sometimes giving a person a choice is an act of terrible cruelty

Lisa Tessman


Concentration camps reveal the nature of the modern state

Dan Stone


The strange story of inventing the ‘bastard’ in medieval Europe

Sara McDougall

Essay/Social Psychology

The crisis of expertise

Experts are either derided or held up as all-seeing gurus. Time to reboot the relationship between expertise and democracy

Tom Nichols

Idea/War & Conflict

Wars are not won by military genius or decisive battles

Cathal J Nolan

Idea/History of Ideas

When philosophy needed Muslims, Jews and Christians alike

Peter Adamson

Idea/History of Ideas

If Aquinas is a philosopher then so are the Islamic theologians

Peter Adamson

Idea/Sleep & Dreams

How the 24-hour society is stealing time from the night

Leon Kreitzman

Idea/History of Ideas

Arabic translators did far more than just preserve Greek philosophy

Peter Adamson


What can Avicenna teach us about the mind-body problem?

Peter Adamson

Idea/Mental Health

The divine fire of Philip K Dick’s religious visions

Kyle Arnold

Essay/Values & Beliefs

Beyond anger

Anger is the emotion that has come to saturate our politics and culture. Philosophy can help us out of this dark vortex

Martha C Nussbaum


Is God a silverback?

Protective, omnipotent, scary and very territorial. The monotheistic God is modelled on a harem-keeping alpha male

David P Barash

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Why science needs to break the spell of reductive materialism

Stuart Kauffman


Does one ethnic group own its cultural artefacts?

Tiffany Jenkins

Essay/Philosophy of Mind

I am not a story

Some find it comforting to think of life as a story. Others find that absurd. So are you a Narrative or a non-Narrative?

Galen Strawson