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Free Will

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Philosophy of Mind
Change becomes you

Being the same person over time is not about holding on to every aspect of your current self but about changing purposefully

Kevin Tobia

Free Will
The lost hope of self-help

Habits – good or bad – were once a matter of ethical seriousness. Are they now just another technology of self-absorption?

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Digital Culture
The new mind control

The internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do

Robert Epstein

Cognition & Intelligence
The free-will scale

Like IQ or EQ, there should be FQ: a freedom quotient to show how much free will we have – and how to get more

Stephen Cave

Free Will
The free-will fix

New brain implants can restore autonomy to damaged minds, but can they settle the question of whether free will exists?

Walter Glannon

Free Will
Plot twist

When the storyline of one’s life hits a dead end, a redemption narrative offers an alluring, if dubious, transformation

Will Storr

The 12-step dogma

The new science of addiction makes 12-step programmes seem like folk medicine. Is the concept of a higher power obsolete?

Rebecca Ruiz

Gender & Sexuality
He to she

Transformation is sold as an instant miracle — but for transsexual people the journey is slow and painful

Juliet Jacques

Free Will
Zen freedom

Free will and fate are both illusions. The trick is learning to sail with the prevailing winds of life

Tim Lott

Free Will
Was it really me?

Neuroscience is changing the meaning of criminal guilt. That might make us more, not less, responsible for our actions

Stephen M Fleming