Aeon launches new magazine Psyche 

In May 2020, Aeon Media Group (a registered not-for-profit that owns and operates Aeon Magazine) will be launching a new digital magazine called Psyche.

If you subscribe to the Aeon newsletter, you’ll receive Psyche content as part of the Aeon offering. Psyche will also have its own weekly newsletter and you can sign up for it here.

Since 2012, Aeon Magazine has been exploring a wide spectrum of topics from cosmology to human rights, translating expert knowledge into a free and accessible form that can be enjoyed and understood by a general audience. 

With the same commitment to rigour and accessibility, Psyche will extend and enrich the Aeon project by elucidating the human condition through three prisms: mental health (which we’re calling Therapeia); the question of ‘how to live’ (Eudaimonia); and the arts and transcendent experience (Poiesis). 

From readers’ responses to Aeon, and from our wider experience, it is clear that there is tremendous interest in, and need to address, these diverse aspects of the human condition, which are currently treated in isolation across the internet. By delving deeply into psychology, practical philosophy and the arts, Psyche will meet this upswell of interest, providing a unique forum at the intersection of these disciplines. 

As with Aeon, Psyche will disseminate knowledge from a wide range of expert perspectives. Psychology and philosophy are key, but Psyche will also draw on history, anthropology and other disciplines. We are interested not only in intellectual approaches to the human condition but also in practical know-how, and will explore creative ways to communicate this knowledge online.

Psyche also recognises that the human condition has always been illuminated by the imagination as much as by reason and practical knowledge, and will showcase poetic and artistic voices and perspectives. 

The two magazines, Aeon and Psyche, will collaborate closely, share and cross-promote content, and be run jointly by Aeon’s editorial and management teams. 

At launch, Psyche will have three content channels: Ideas (short articles of 1,000-1,800 words) from experts and writers; Guides, which are a new format providing in-depth, expert-written, practical know-how; and Film, which will showcase immersive short films. New content will be published every weekday. 

The need to elucidate the human condition is a universal one; the avenues to do so are endless. With a dedication to pluralism and openness, Psyche will seek out and share the most illuminating perspectives wherever they might be found.