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Utopian communities rarely last. How have the Hutterites done it over four centuries?

28 minutes


Farming in the middle of the Motor City – a patch of green in the Rust Belt

12 minutes

Idea/War & Conflict

The Syrian seed bank that keeps going despite the war

Courtney Fullilove

Video/Nature & Environment

A dizzying ‘advertisement for Earth’ shows the beauty and scars of our planet

3 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Bees are dying. We don’t know exactly why, but our future depends on finding out

6 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Will life-forms that can go a century without water save crops from droughts?

3 minutes


Think agriculture is unique to us? Leafcutter ants are phenomenal fungus farmers

4 minutes

Video/Law & Justice

Protecting crops from biopiracy is good for farmers and the future of food

8 minutes


The rich traditions of Ethiopian coffee culture, and the hard work behind it

5 minutes


Chicken of tomorrow

How a massive breeding contest turned a rarely eaten backyard bird into the technological marvel that feeds the world

Andrew Lawler


Farming the apocalypse

When my life came crashing down I took shelter on my farm, surviving with 11th-century tools like the sickle and scythe

Keith Ferrell


What is a dude?

How the strange history of the ‘dude’ helps throw a light on why the West still feels like the real America

Anne Helen Petersen


Enter halophytes

We are running out of land for traditional agriculture. Time to figure out what saltwater plants can do for us

Mark Anderson


Cows might fly

When the land is all filled up, it’s time to get creative with it, as small countries like Switzerland already know

Veronique Greenwood


Ant farm

History tells us that plant diseases cause famines, pestilence and war. Now one is coming for our chocolate

Ed Yong


On the road

Leaving LA? Forget the scenic route along the coast: hit the Five instead and see what’s on California’s mind

Maria Bustillos


Down on the farms

Badgers may be collateral victims in the battle to rid British cows of tuberculosis, but so are the farmers themselves

Julian Sayarer