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Idea/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Polar bears need to be fat, and they can’t be without sea ice

Thea Bechshoft

Video/Nature & Environment

In the murky waters of climate change, native fishers are among the most vulnerable

7 minutes

Video/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

Meet the man bent on powering the world with vortexes

6 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Bring back the mammoth to fight global warming? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

26 minutes

Video/Nature & Environment

Can combining commerce and conservation keep American bison in the wild?

15 minutes

Video/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

The case for making our homes out of trash – tradition and culture be damned

7 minutes

Video/Nature & Environment

A Herculean fish and the fight against a $6 billion mega-dam project in Alaska

25 minutes


What the death of an oak tree can teach us about mortality

Gabriel Popkin

Essay/Poverty & Development

The harvests of Chernobyl

Thirty years after the nuclear disaster, local berry-pickers earn a good living. What’s the hidden cost of their wares?

Kate Brown & Olha Martynyuk


Make shelter: how to build an awesome hut only with naturally occurring materials

14 minutes


The amazing man who produces iron using only wood, bark, fibre and clay

5 minutes

Video/The Future

Could the weirdest solution to the problem of nuclear waste also be the best?

14 minutes

Essay/Space Exploration

To save Earth, go to Mars

If head-on problem-solving can’t save the Earth, maybe lateral innovation can. Will low-cost space research pave the way?

Joe Mascaro


Pyramiden: population 6. The Soviet ghost town frozen in time high in the Arctic

13 minutes

Essay/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

Sunshine in a bottle

Mimic the dance between carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and you can tap into clean solar energy and ease climate change

Peter Forbes


What happens when the power goes off. Or, how to enjoy a blackout

4 minutes

Video/History of Science

War, commerce, research. How the Arctic became the epicentre of climate science

14 minutes

Idea/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

Is the cold fusion egg about to hatch?

Huw Price


How the maths of network resilience could help us preserve at-risk ecosystems

5 minutes


Why there’s more than just novelty to one young inventor’s air-powered Lego car

4 minutes

Idea/Human Rights

Uranium communities cast a shadow on the nuclear future

Stephanie Malin

Idea/Data & Information

Doing more with less: the economic lesson of Peak Paper

John Quiggin

Idea/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world

Bill Nye


Biohackers should produce a microbial uberfood for the world

Dawn Field

Video/Architecture & Landscape

Could the simple, replicable elegance of the igloo be a model for future homes?

10 minutes

Essay/Philosophy of Science

The cold fusion horizon

Is cold fusion truly impossible, or is it just that no respectable scientist can risk their reputation working on it?

Huw Price

Video/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

An immersive journey through Germany’s massive transition to renewable energy

3 minutes

Video/Demography & Migration

For an indigenous group, protecting the future requires rediscovering the past

9 minutes

Video/Earth Science

Under a powerful X-ray laser, coral reveals weather patterns from centuries ago

3 minutes


Why finding creative ways to end our reliance on meat may be a moral imperative.

3 minutes