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Engineering the ocean

Once you know what plankton can do, you’ll understand why fertilising the ocean with iron is not such a crazy idea

David Biello

Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Burning like a mountain

Fire has come roaring back into America’s West after a century of attempted extirpation. Can our land take the wild heat?

Stephen J Pyne

Rituals & Celebrations
The fire burns yet

Native American peoples are still here and still caring for their land. Can their conquerors say the same?

Peter Whiteley

Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Blue sky thinking

Geoengineers are would-be deities who dream of mastering the heavens. But are humans the ones who are out of control?

Adam Corner

Childhood & Adolescence
The ecology of Pooh

Adults may feel exiled from the intensity and sweetness of childhood places. But perhaps there are surprising ways home

Liam Heneghan

Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Raining like a mountain

Electric fences are going up around Kenya’s forested mountaintops. Is this the only way to keep Africa’s water flowing?

Peter Guest