Jonardon Ganeri


Jonardon Ganeri is a philosopher whose work draws on a variety of philosophical traditions to construct new positions in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and epistemology. He is the author of Attention, Not Self (2018), The Self (2012), The Lost Age of Reason (2011), The Concealed Art of the Soul (2007), and Semantic Powers (1999); all published by Oxford University Press. He is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy (2017). He joined the Fellowship of the British Academy in 2015, and won the Infosys Prize in the Humanities the same year. Open Minds magazine named him of its 50 global “open minds” for 2016. He has recently joined YHouse, a new New York based institute exploring the origins and nature of awareness.

Written by Jonardon Ganeri