The union man

10 minutes

A janitor with dashed dreams of athletic stardom finds dignity in his work

Earl Thompson was a football player with great prospects in college until a fluke injury ended his dreams of a career as a pro athlete. Now working the night shift as a janitor at a Texas university, he tempers the disappointment and feelings of humiliation with a quiet but steadfast resolve to do good with his life. Focused on achieving new goals, Thompson brings dignity to the drudgery of his job, striking notes of occasional grace as he does work so often taken for granted.

Director: Bobby Lewis

Video/Earth Science

How an Earth science outsider finally put the Pangea puzzle together

8 minutes

Video/History of Ideas

How did the 20th century’s most glamorous intellectual friendship go wrong?

3 minutes


Models are always imperfect, and the ones we choose greatly shape our experience

3 minutes

Essay/Consciousness & Altered States

What lurks beneath

The grand drama of Freud’s ideas has obscured the reality: every school of psychology needs a theory of the unconscious

Antonio Melechi


Why is the brain prone to florid forms of confabulation?

Jules Montague

Video/Love & Friendship

Meeting your boyfriend’s family is hard. Agata must travel 3,000 miles. And she’s blind

13 minutes


The brain-heart dialogue shows how racism hijacks perception

Manos Tsakiris



We ride a stream of naked neurons, stripped of their sheaths, to the most blissful moments and deepest intimacies of life

Steven M Phelps

Video/Social Psychology

Never judge a book by its cover. But what about people and their faces?

12 minutes