The union man

10 minutes

A janitor with dashed dreams of athletic stardom finds dignity in his work

Earl Thompson was a football player with great prospects in college until a fluke injury ended his dreams of a career as a pro athlete. Now working the night shift as a janitor at a Texas university, he tempers the disappointment and feelings of humiliation with a quiet but steadfast resolve to do good with his life. Focused on achieving new goals, Thompson brings dignity to the drudgery of his job, striking notes of occasional grace as he does work so often taken for granted.

Director: Bobby Lewis

Video/Gender & Sexuality

In southern Mexico, a long-acknowledged ‘third gender’ is not masculine or feminine

9 minutes


If soldiers act with unjust aggression they are as culpable as civilian criminals

6 minutes

Video/Design & Fashion

A film that dreams of a poem that dreams of tragedy and love

4 minutes


How the ‘Island of the Colourblind’ made Oliver Sacks rethink ’normal’

6 minutes

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

On shared false memories: what lies behind the Mandela effect

Caitlin Aamodt


Living in the now

She can paint, but not name a painting; learn new music without knowing a tune. Lonni Sue is teaching us much about memory.

Michael D Lemonick


The self-help game

Millions believe that pop psychology can change their tennis skills, their love life or their moods. Are they all wrong?

Rami Gabriel


Feel-good fractals: from ocean waves to Jackson Pollock’s art

Florence Williams

Video/Childhood & Adolescence

Why the ‘exotic and strange’ world of childhood is ripe for horror

5 minutes