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Clever graphic vignettes communicate the timeless simplicity of Greek myths

Despite dating from millennia ago, Sisyphus and his eternal plight, Narcissus and his lethal vanity, and Midas and his deadly golden touch are still familiar stories today. The Greek myths came out of a pagan belief system vastly different to today’s dominant religions and thought traditions, but many continue to resonate with powerful truths about the human condition. Mythos cleverly presents several Greek myths as abstractions of shape, colour and movement, their simplicity inviting comparisons with contemporary internet culture, in which easily digestible memes travel far and wide. This is an intentional touch according to the Irish-born, New York-based director Stephen Kelleher, who writes: ‘I wanted to honour these ancient stories by interpreting them in the age of the pixel and GIF.’

Director: Stephen Kelleher

Animator: Chris Guyot

Sound Designer: John Poon

29 June 2018

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