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How does a precious ancient Greek mosaic get from an excavation site to a museum?

Created somewhere between the late-2nd and early 3rd century CE, the Mosaic of the Epiphany of Dionysus depicts the Greek god of wine, fertility, theatre and ecstasy in a striking scene amid panthers and centaurs. The portrait was discovered by archeologists in 1987 at the site of the ancient Greek village of Dion at the foot of Mount Olympus. The piece was sheltered and made viewable at the site until 2015, when it was removed for conservation at the nearby museum. This short video provides an enlightening look at the delicate preservation and restoration process, following archeologists and art restorers as they work to detach, transport and repair the precious mosaic.

Director: Konstantinos Arvanitakis

Executive Producer: Dimitrios Pandermalis

Website: Onassis Foundation

27 September 2018

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