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Majesty and wonder: a virtual, real-time ride around Earth on the ISS

Time-lapse footage of thunderstorms, auroras borealis and city lights captured from the International Space Station (ISS) has become a somewhat common sight across computer and television screens. Because NASA releases these images into the public domain, they tend to be frequently (often uninspiringly) deployed as filler in all manner of commercials, web videos and TV shows, somewhat dulling viewers to the magnificence of the view from space. Orbit reclaims the majesty and wonder of these 250-mile-high images by animating a series of high-definition ISS stills to give the effect of a real-time, 92-minute and 39-second orbit of Earth. Featuring a tranquil electronic soundtrack, the ambitious video project provides a fresh, serene perspective of our home planet, removed from all its earthly tumult and turmoil.

Via Kottke

Video by Seán Doran

Music: Phaeleh

27 November 2018

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