Sun Moon London

3 minutes

The rare celestial events that briefly made the British capital a city of otherworldly wonders

In the short video Sun Moon London, the UK photographer and filmmaker Luke Miller takes the occasion of the ‘harvest moon’ on 5 October 2017 (when the full moon was closest to the autumnal equinox) and the ‘supermoon’ on 1 January 2018 (when the full moon coincided with the Moon’s closest proximity to Earth) to transform London into an otherworldly city. Each shot depicts an ordinary scene made strange and new through its framing against the Sun or Moon during these celestial events. As the the city takes on an increasingly futuristic or even post-apocalyptic cast, Miller’s skilful camerawork invites us to re-examine the majestic objects in our sky that we often take for granted.

Director: Luke Miller

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