Catherine Wilson
Professor of Philosophy, The Graduate Center, City University Of New York

Catherine Wilson was most recently Anniversary Professor of Philosophy at the University of York and is now Visiting Presidential Professor at CUNY Graduate Center in New York. Her latest book is How to Be an Epicurean (2019), published simultaneously in the UK under the title The Pleasure Principle. She lives in New York City and London.

Written by Catherine Wilson

‘To be happy … we need to be engaged with external things and with other people.’ A migrant child receives her food at a refugee shelter in a former hotel in Berlin, Germany, 9 June 2016. Photo by Stefanie Loos/Reuters

Thinkers and theories
How to be an Epicurean

A philosophy that values innocent pleasure, human warmth and the rewards of creative endeavour. What’s not to like?

Catherine Wilson

Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in the hive, Würzburg, Germany. Photo by Mark Moffatt/Minden/National Geographic


Are insects ‘philosophical zombies’ with no inner life? Close attention to their behaviours and moods suggests otherwise

Lars Chittka & Catherine Wilson