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If you are having problems with your membership or profile, or have a question relating to making a donation, please email support (at) 


If you would like to republish one of our pieces online or in print, first read our republishing policy, which includes details of our fees for syndication of our essays and information on our creative common licence for our ideas pieces. If you have further questions relating to republishing, please email republishing (at)


Aeon no longer accepts unsolicited pitches. If you are an academic who would like to get in touch with one of our commissioning editors directly, please email editorial (at) and provide us with a short bio and a link to your faculty page or website. If you can provide a sample of writing for a non-specialist audience that will be very helpful. Please note that Aeon does not publish guest posts, sponsored content or sponsored links on our site.

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We cannot pass on your contact details to any of our writers unless this is in relation to an interview request or similar professional contact.


Aeon’s offices do not have the facilities for public visits. However, we welcome feedback at support (at)

Terms and conditions for writers

See our Author Terms.

Aeon Video

If you have a pitch for a completed short documentary, you may submit it using our online form.

Please email (at) with any video enquiries.