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If you wish to republish an Essay or Idea from Aeon you may do so only under the following conditions:

  • Ideas may be freely republished using the Creative Commons ‘Republish’ button on the Ideas page
  • Essays may only be republished by prior arrangement with us, under strict conditions (see below)
  • Images (photographs and illustrations) may not be reused


Aeon Ideas are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives licence (CC BY-ND). You may republish Ideas on any website or in print however:

  • you must use the Republish button on the Idea page
  • you must not alter the text
  • you must attribute the author and Aeon
  • you must link to Aeon:

This licence applies only to the text of our Ideas and does not allow for the republication or reuse of illustrations or photographs.

Full details of the Creative Commons BY-ND licence can be read here.

Please note: this Creative Commons licence does not extend to our Essays.


One-time republication arrangements:

Use the ‘Republish – Licence Only’ button on the Essay you wish to republish. You will then be asked to complete a short online form and agree to the terms and conditions below. Successful completion of the form will constitute entering into an agreement with Aeon Media Group Ltd to republish the selected Essay.

Terms and Conditions 

1. Republication must not take place until you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions and received an agreement by email.

2. Republication is limited to Essay text and does not included accompanying illustrations or photographs originally published by Aeon Media.

3. Aeon Media will charge a flat fee of $500 USD for this republication. For Australian publishers, GST of 10% will apply.

4. Payment is to be received by Aeon Media within 21 days of receipt of invoice.

5. Aeon Media is to be notified in advance of the date of publication via email to Will Fraker

6. For English language republishing, Aeon allows republication of Essays in print or in nominated digital formats only. These are (a) commercially sold e-books or (b) behind a paywall. A brief extract in English of up to 250 words, with a link back to the Essay on the Aeon website, may be published without fee and without entering into an agreement.

7. Essays may be published in full in foreign language publications, either print or digital format without exclusion. However the Essay may not be published in English online at any stage.

8. The Essay must be published in full exactly as it appears on the Aeon website, with no alterations, condensing or editing apart from house style, unless by prior arrangement with our republishing coordinator.

9. Aeon Media must be credited at the end of the republished Essay in the following format: This essay was originally published in Aeon (the word Aeon to be hyperlinked to Aeon’s homepage if online, or in print to be followed by Aeon’s homepage address ie

Multiple essay republication arrangements:

Requests to republish more than one Aeon essay or to have an ongoing arrangement to republish Aeon essays will be considered and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contact our republishing coordinator Will Fraker at

In the event of such an agreement, Aeon reserves the right to revoke the agreement without notice if the agreement is considered by Aeon to be harmful to its interests and reputation.