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Paul Hains


Paul oversees Aeon and directs its strategy and development. He has a background in finance and an MA in the Psychology of Religion. Paul is interested in how new thinking from philosophy, anthropology and psychology challenges conventional ways of understanding knowledge and culture. His vision for Aeon is to create a sanctuary online for bold and nuanced ideas.

Brigid Hains

Editorial Director

Brigid is an environmental historian by training with particular interests in anthropology, history, human ecology and evolutionary theory. She has been a visiting research fellow at the ANU and the University of Melbourne; a lecturer in Public History at Monash University and a visiting lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne. Brigid is a board member of the Melbourne Humanities Foundation and a member of the Human Ecology Research Group at UCL. She directed the educational grant-making program of the Touchstone Trust in northern Tanzania between 2010 and 2014. Her book The Ice and the Inland was published in 2002. You can find Brigid on twitter @brigidhains.


Pam Weintraub

Senior Editor

Pam is an editor and writer specialising in psychology and neuroscience. She has previously worked as executive and features editor at Discover, where her acquisitions were widely anthologised and the recipient of numerous national awards; consulting editor at Psychology Today; and in a range of roles at OMNI, from senior editor to editor at large to founding editor of OMNI internet. She is author of 16 books on medicine, psychology and lifestyle, including Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, which won the American Medical Writers Association book award in 2009. She can be found on Twitter @pam3001.

Marina Benjamin

Senior Editor

Marina is a former arts editor of the New Statesman magazine and deputy arts editor of the Evening Standard newspaper in London. Among her books, Living at the End of the World looked at modern end-time cults, Rocket Dreams offered an off-beat elegy to the Space Age, and Last Days in Babylon told the story of the Jews of Iraq. Marina specialises in the culture of science, developmental psychology and strong personal narratives. Her latest memoir, The Middlepause, is available now.  She can be found on Twitter @marinab52.

Kellen Quinn

Head of Video

Kellen studied Film and Russian & East European studies at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. He has worked at the Tribeca Film Festival as assistant to the artistic director and as an associate programmer. More recently, he spent three years as the deputy director of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. 

Andy Sansom

Photography and Illustrations Editor

Andy studied philosophy at the University of Ulster. Prior to working at Aeon he has worked for The Times, the BBC and various other national media in the UK. He is interested in documentary photography, Kierkegaard and Peanuts.

Sam Haselby

Senior Editor

Sam is a historian of American religion and politics. He was a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and has taught at the American University of Beirut and the American University in Cairo. He was the founding Senior Executive Producer for Content at Al Jazeera America and is the author of The Origins of American Religious Nationalism (2015). He is also a visiting faculty member at Columbia University. He can be found on Twitter @HaselbySam.

Corey Powell

Consulting Science Editor

Corey is an editor and journalist with a special fondness for all things astronomical and particulate. He spent 15 years at Discover, serving as the magazine’s editor in chief for the last four years. Prior to that he was a longtime member of the Board of Editors at Scientific American. He has collaborated with Bill Nye on his two recent books, Undeniable and Unstoppable, and is the author of God in the Equation, an examination of the spiritual impulse in modern cosmology. Corey can be found frequently on Twitter: @coreyspowell.

Nigel Warburton

Consultant Senior Editor

Nigel is a writer, philosopher, and podcaster. He is interviewer for the popular Philosophy Bites podcast. His books include A Little History of Philosophy, The Art Question, and Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction. Nigel is on Twitter @philosophybites.

Sally Davies

Senior Editor

Sally is a writer and editor with particular interests in science, philosophy and feminist theory. She is the former digital editor of the Financial Times Weekend and the technology and innovation correspondent for the Financial Times. She launched Libreria, an innovative bookshop in East London, as its founding director, and was on the original editorial team of Nautilus Magazine. She trained as a lawyer and intellectual historian. She can be found on Twitter @daviesally.

Sam Dresser

Commissioning Editor

Sam Dresser studied philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in political philosophy and the history of atheism, and likes to take long walks to places he doesn’t particularly want to be. He can be found on Twitter @SmDrssr.

Adam D’Arpino

Video Producer and Programmer

Adam studied at Syracuse University, earning a Master’s degree in Arts Journalism with concentrations in film, music and television. He is now based in Brooklyn, where he has covered film for MTV, and all corners of the cultural landscape for online publications such as mental floss, The Airship and Nerve. He has also worked in the press office at the Sundance Film Festival, and written and produced comedy across the web.

Ali Hawken

Managing Editor

Ali has always had an affinity for the written word. Following studies in Journalism and Political Science at Griffith University in Australia, she worked as editor of numerous music and arts publications, both at home and abroad, and lived in London and Norway. Now she has rediscovered her Australian roots, she oversees the editorial production at Aeon. She is interested in philosophy, political thought and the vast reaches of the galaxy. One day, she hopes to walk on the Moon. She can be found on Twitter @alihawken.

Elena Seymenliyska


Elena studied English at Sofia University in Bulgaria and graduated in English from Queen’s University, Belfast. She worked as an academic book publisher at Hodder Headline before training as a journalist at City University, London. She has worked for national newspapers in the UK including The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, and has been Aeon's sub-editor since launch. Elena is on Twitter @elena_sey.

Jessica Au

Associate Editor

Jessica studied arts/law at the University of Melbourne and has worked as deputy editor of the Australian quarterly journal Meanjin, a writer and a bookseller. Her first novel, Cargo, was published by Picador and she has written for The Guardian, The Age and the Monthly. She’s interested in the arts, aesthetics and culture. 

Will Fraker

Associate Editor

Will received his B.A. in Science in Society from Wesleyan University, where he explored questions at the intersection of philosophy, biology, and neuroscience. His thesis focused on embodied cognition and the need for paradigm change in the philosophy of mind and environment. Since graduating, he has written for the Nature Conservancy and worked as a Production Assistant for an Executive Producer on various climate change documentary projects. He spends his free time playing music and rock climbing. You can find him on Twitter @WillFraker.


Matthias Siegel

Lead Developer

Matthias studied Computer Science and Media Science in Germany, before moving to Australia in order to live closer to the beach. After helping to launch The Conversation in the US, he joined Aeon as a software engineer with an interest in Ruby, React and AWS, always looking for performance improvements. He recently discovered the way to deal with Melbourne’s traffic chaos is to commute on fast Italian motorcycles.

Steven Martin

Senior Front-End Developer

Steven is dedicated to pushing the limits of web design with Node and Ruby. He has worked as a software engineer at Lockheed Martin and Penguin Books after studying Computer Science, Arts and Science at Deakin University. In his spare time he can be found browsing interesting libraries on GitHub, eating pizza and drinking many varieties of soft drinks and milkshakes.

Anthony Kolber

Design and Development Consultant

Anthony has run his own graphic and web design practice for the past nine years, producing a diverse range of work from self-initiated to large-scale commercial projects. Having worked alongside some of Melbourne’s best designers, he has a keen interest in translating and applying formal graphic design systems to the web. You can find him on Twitter @kolber.


Kirsten Freeman

Director, Philanthropy and Business Development

Kirsten’s career spans arts, international cultural relations and higher education. She was the long-term deputy director for the British Council in Australia where she developed new initiatives in creative leadership, science communication and university exchange with government, philanthropic, cultural and corporate partners. She has held previous roles at Monash University, Arts Centre Melbourne and Museums Australia. She is also on the board of the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne.

Jenny Chang

Group Accountant & Finance Manager

Jenny is passionate about the arts. She has worked professionally as a dancer, singer and actor, and has had the privilege and pleasure of sharing the stage and screen with some very well-known names. Jenny is also an artist and qualified textile designer. The demands of a family mean that a lot of the time she is cook, driver, maid, counsellor and organiser. She’s also an experienced Chartered Accountant (shh).

Nicola Williams

Associate Editor

Nicola holds an MA in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Warwick, UK. She has worked as a fiction copyeditor and was the managing administrator for the Hippocrates Initiative, an organisation exploring the interface between poetry, medicine and palliative care. She is interested in poetry, anthropology and archaeology, questions surrounding consciousness, and mental health.