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Charles Crawford served as a British diplomat in Yugoslavia after Tito died and then as UK Ambassador to Sarajevo and Belgrade. He is now a speechwriter and negotiation consultant.

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Five-month-old babies know what’s funny

Charles Crawford

V good.

Much humour and indeed much emotion of all shapes and sizes (see also horror films) is all about ‘incongruity’ or in normal language surprise.

Hence peekaboo works with babies from the earliest months. As does telling them they can have something to eat and then persistently offering something else. Drives’ em nuts.

Surprise is also one sure path to success in public speaking (and good writing). What do they want and expect? Do something different! See my public speaking book<...

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What the teleprompter tells us about truth, Trump and speech

Charles Crawford

This is interesting on the history of the technology. But it does not tackle the basic issue with teleprompters, namely that it’s hugely unwise to use one unless you happen to be the US President (and even then stuff goes wrong).

I have written a detailed piece explaining why:

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