Courtney Addison

Phd fellow, University of Copenhagen

Courtney Addision is a social scientist and PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests centre on health, science, and medicine.

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Does one ethnic group own its cultural artefacts?

Courtney Addison

I find this problematic in many, many ways.

Jenkins writes “Imagine if a museum was established, with public money (the NMAI is federally funded), where white people from one geographical area – sometimes only white men with status – were given the authority to decide what exhibits visitors could and couldn’t see.” The ‘imagine’ she starts out with is wholly unwarranted, since this is precisely what has been happening for the last how many years. Though indigenous people may not have been explicitly barred from such institutions, I doubt whether e.g. many Aboriginal Australians have historically had the opportunity to visit institutions like the British Museum (for reasons traceabl...

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Embodied love: a swerving road can twist your romance

Courtney Addison

Nice read. For me the question is whether this recourse to the language of stability is actually structuring people’s experiences of or feelings about their relationships, or whether that language simply serves an explanatory functions when people are pit in a situation where they have to articulate their experiences.

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