Courtney Erin Thomas

Historian of early modern Britain and Europe, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Courtney Erin Thomas is an independent historian of early modern Britain and Europe. Her latest book is If I Lose Mine Honour, I Lose Myself: Honour Among the Early Modern English Elite (2017). She lives in Edmonton in Canada.

Written by Courtney Erin Thomas

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The early moderns had their work cut out curating their honour

Courtney Erin Thomas

The conversation happening around this prompt is an incredibly thoughtful one – and an engaging one for me to read as my own thinking about honour and its many meanings (both past and present) continue to evolve. In my piece itself I focused more on the supposed binary conceptualization of honour in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as different for men and women (carrying different meanings, different social and performative expectations, etc). But another important part of the conversation (and one that my larger monograph project topic tackles in a bit more detail) is about how honour and its associated concepts of reputation, fame, image, etc evolved over time and perhaps became...

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