Dag Herbjørnsrud

Historian of Ideas, SGOKI

Dag Herbjørnsrud is a historian of ideas and founder of SGOKI (the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas) in Oslo. His latest book is Global Knowledge: Renaissance for a New Enlightenment (2016 original in Norwegian). Info:

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The African Enlightenment

Dag Herbjørnsrud

Thank you for all the great responses.

Here are some links for the books of Zera Yacob (b. 1599, Ethiopia) and Anton Wilhelm Amo (b. 1703, Guinea/Ghana).

On Yacob’s Hatäta (1667):

English translation (PDF of Sumner’s book, 1976):

Latin and Ge’ez version (Enno Littman, 1904): READ MORE→ See comment

Western philosophy is racist

Dag Herbjørnsrud

Diversity in philosophy can be encouraged by spreading the thoughtful words, and the latest book, of Bryan W. Norden. We need to see, grasp, and then act on the philosophy of Norden, in order to make our common philosophical challenges and ideas thrive in the 21st century. Thank you.

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