David Colquhoun

Professor of Pharmacology, University College London

David Colquhoun is a professor of pharmacology at University College London and a Fellow of the Royal Society. He is the author of Lectures on Biostatistics (1971) and blogs at DC’s Improbable Science.

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The problem with p-values

David Colquhoun

I think that it’s quite hard to find a really good practical guide to Bayesian analysis. By really good, I mean on that is critical about priors and explains exaclty what assumptions are being made. I fear that one reason for this is that Bayesians often seem to have an evangelical tendency that leads to them brushing the assumptions under the carpet. I agree that Alexander Etz is a good place to start. but I do wonder how much it will help when your faced with a particular set of observations to analyse.

The internecine warfare that tends to break out among statisticians as soon as Bayes is mentioned seems to me to be unhelpful to users. That is why I tried to bridge the gap

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Saved by the book

David Colquhoun

You say “For many patients, so-called ‘bibliotherapy’ seems to work as well as talk therapy or drugs such as Prozac”. The only problem is that neither talking therapies nor Prozac seem to work at all well. Life is indeed hard.

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