David Kaiser
Professor of Physics and History of Science, MIT

David Kaiser is Germeshausen Professor of the history of science in MIT's programme in science, technology and society, and also Professor of Physics in MIT's department of physics. He is the author of several books, including How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival (2011). His work has been featured in such venues as Nature, Science, the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine. He has also received MIT's highest honors for excellence in teaching.

Written by David Kaiser

Italian nuclear physicist Bruno Pontecorvo walks through the streets of Moscow following his defection to Russia, 12 March 1955. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Operation: neutrino

How the neutrino went from ghost particle to vital physics tool – a tale of bombs, espionage and subtle flavours

David Kaiser