Deborah Korn

Psychotherapist and Researcher, EMDR Institute

Deborah Korn is a psychotherapist, teacher, clinical consultant and researcher who has been on the faculty of the EMDR Institute for more than 27 years. She currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research and is an adjunct training faculty member at the Trauma Research Foundation. She is the co-author, with Michael Baldwin, of Every Memory Deserves Respect (2021). She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Deborah Korn

Lori Marino, I appreciate your interest in joining the discussion but you appear to be misinformed about EMDR’s efficacy. Your assertion that “there is no empirical evidence from well-controlled studies that it has any effect beyond a placebo” is blatantly untrue. Fifteen years ago when Lilienfeld spoke against EMDR, there were only well-controlled studies showing it to be better than waitlist. Today, there are numerous well-controlled studies that have compared EMDR to trauma-focused CBT. These studies and related meta-analyses show that there are no differences in outcomes of these two top-tier treatments though some studies indicate that EMDR might be more efficient and cost effective....

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