Heidi Hutner

Associate Professor of Environmental Humanities, Stony Brook University, New York

Heidi Hutner is a writer, filmmaker, and associate professor of English, Sustainability Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University. She has written for numerous publications, including New York Times -Dot Earth, Public Radio International, Ms Magazine, DAME, Tikkun, Spirituality and Health, AEON, and she has published chapters on ecofeminism, environmental humanities, and nuclear issues in numerous book anthologies. Presently, Hutner is producing and co-directing the documentary film: Accidents Can Happen: The Women of Three Mile Island, and writing a memoir, Radiophobia: A Nuclear Family. Hutner’s published books include, Colonial Women (Oxford UP, 2001), and Rereading Aphra Behn (University of Virginia Press, 1993). Please see her website:, and film website:

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Nuclear power is not the answer in a time of climate change

Heidi Hutner

Thank you for your comment. The problem is, as our experts and scientists articulate, and many others point out, nuclear is not safe and it is incredibly costly. The next generation is only in the design phase, while clean renewables are available now and prices continue to drop. The aging fleet of plants (currently online) have safety problems and many years worth of dangerous radiaoactive waste onsite. With climate change, as we explain, they pose an increased safety risk.

We did not have space to address the vast health concerns associated with the technology, including unequal gender impacts, and the grave environmental injustice of the nuclear cycle; uranium mining takes place...

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