Houri Berberian
Historian, University of California Irvine

Houri Berberian is professor of history and Meghrouni Family Presidential Chair in Armenian Studies at the University of California, Irvine. Her books include Armenians and the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1911: The Love for Freedom Has No Fatherland (2001); Reflections of Armenian Identity in History and Historiography (2018), co-edited with Touraj Daryaee; and the award-winning Roving Revolutionaries: Armenians and the Connected Revolutions in the Russian, Iranian, and Ottoman Worlds (2019), co-winner of the Der Mugrdechian SAS Outstanding Book Award.

Written by Houri Berberian

Armed Armenian revolutionaries, Turkey, 1906. Photo courtesy of B Dickson/Royal Geographical Society/Getty

Nations and empires
Roving revolutionaries

Moving between the Russian, Iranian and Young Turk revolutions, cosmopolitan Armenians helped usher in the 20th century

Houri Berberian