Ian Tewksbury
Classics Graduate Student, Stanford University

Ian Tewksbury is a Classics graduate student at Stanford University in California. His primary research interests include archaic poetry and ancient philosophy. He works on the digitalisation of Homeric manuscripts for the Homer Multitext project.

Written by Ian Tewksbury

Hedonism at the court of kings. The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema. From the Perez-Simon Collection/Wikipedia

Thinkers and theories
Plato in Sicily

Plato travelled to the decadent strife-torn court of Syracuse three times, risking his life to create a philosopher-king

Nick Romeo & Ian Tewksbury

Members of the Castellers de Sants build a human tower in Tarragona, Spain. October 2017. Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Politics and government
Rebirth of the body politic

Individualism is not a sufficient foundation for social life: the image of the body politic reminds us that we are all one

Nick Romeo & Ian Tewksbury