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Inderjeet Mani is a computational linguist, currently dividing his time between the US, Thailand, and India. He is a retired former associate professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, and also formerly a principal scientist and senior director at Yahoo Labs. His books include The Imagined Moment (2010) and Computational Modeling of Narrative (2012), and he has also published numerous papers and short stories.

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When robots read books

Inderjeet Mani

Interesting comments — thanks!

Richard Barker: An excellent point. Also, the Hugo quote is quite thought-provoking!

Heinrich Woldke: I wonder if the Richter quote (nice as it is!) applies to movies and other artifacts that involve people who aren’t your friends working with artificial systems to produce in some cases extremely compelling art.

Young Thug: I think you have a good point there, expressed rather eloquently, regarding the essential value of our subjective interpretations in shedding further light on the literary work as well as our lives. It may be that by distancing ourselves from the biases that afflict both algorithms as well as popular opinion, we are a...

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