Jamie McCallum
Associate Professor of Sociology, Middlebury College

Jamie McCallum is professor of sociology at Middlebury College in Vermont. He is the author of Global Unions, Local Power (2013) and Worked Over: How Round-the-Clock Work Is Killing the American Dream (2020). His work has appeared in the Washington Post, Mother Jones, Jacobin, Dissent, In These Times, and other places, plus a variety of scholarly journals.

Written by Jamie McCallum

Field workers harvest cantaloupes on the outskirts of Maricopa County near Aguila, Arizona, on 29 July 2020. Photo by Ed Kashi/Vii/Headpress

The tyranny of work

Jobs have become, for so many, a relentless, unsatisfying toil. Why then does the work ethic still hold so much sway?

Jamie McCallum