John McCumber

Professor of Germanic Languages, UCLA

John McCumber is distinguished professor of Germanic Languages at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author of ten books, three of which have won CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title awards. His latest book is The Philosophy Scare: The Politics of Reason in the Early Cold War (2016).

Written by John McCumber

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Peak ellipsis

John McCumber

Great essay! The idea that Heidegger and Carnap are almost two sides of the same conceptual coin is particularly fruitful.

The “analytic/continental split” as a contrast between the rigorously clear analysts and the obscurely profound continentals was in fact manufactured by B+ personalities to enhance their careers. Case in Point: the Wittgenstein quote that Dresser gives, which is from the book Ludwig Wittgenstein und der Wiener Kreis, states a very acute criticism of Heidegger and shows that Wittgenstein had deeply reflected on Heidegger’s thought. It was first published in English in a translation which, scandalously, omitted all references to Heidegger, as we...

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