Johnjoe McFadden

Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Surrey

Johnjoe McFadden is professor of molecular genetics and Director of the Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Surrey in the UK. His books include Quantum Evolution (2011); Human Nature: Fact and Fiction (2006); Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology (2014), co-authored with Jim Al-Khalili; and Life Is Simple: How Occam’s Razor Set Science Free And Unlocked the Universe (2021).

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Why is simpler better?

Johnjoe McFadden

for anyone interested, my new book - in prep - ‘Life is Simple: Ockham’s razor and the Triumph of Simplicity’ (to be published by Macmillan/Flatiron in 2017) will make the claim that the ‘unreasonable effectiveness of Ockham’s razor’ implies that, for unknown reasons (but I will speculate on a few) our universe is close to being maximimally simple that is compatible with our existence. Johnjoe McFadden

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