Jonathan Sholl
Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

Jonathan Sholl is an assistant professor in philosophy of science and medical philosophy at Aarhus University in Denmark. His research focuses on naturalising the concepts of health and disease via systems biology, the sociological and anthropological debates about medicalisation, and the tradition of historical epistemology.

Written by Jonathan Sholl

Participants in the ‘Loucura Suburbana’ (Suburban Madness) Carnival street parade organised by the Nise da Silveira mental health institution, February 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ‘bloco’ aims to integrate patients with neighbourhood residents while promoting acceptance and blurring the lines defining mental illness. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty

Nobody is normal

Are you average? Typical? Ideal? Adequate? The idea of ‘normal’ is a historical construct and it’s time we got rid of it

Jonathan Sholl