Kellen Quinn

Programmer, Psyche Film, Aeon+Psyche

Kellen studied Film and Russian and East European studies at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. He has worked at the Tribeca Film Festival as assistant to the artistic director and as an associate programmer. More recently, he spent three years as the deputy director of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

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A sense of Chuck

Kellen Quinn

One of my grandmothers had this figured out. She achieved it in a fairly simple way even if the consequences, especially for those relying on her, weren’t always easy. Her trick – or really her way of being – was to do more or less exactly as she pleased most of the time. She was a small, very thin woman who smoked cigarettes from the time she was 13 until it killed her; released mice into a New York department store to protest labor conditions in her youth; bounced back and forth between Mexico and New York for decades on almost no money; had various lovers after my grandfather died; played basketball with me into my teens; wrote numerous (mostly unpublished) novels, stories and poems fe...

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